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haiii :3 my name is .png (like the file format) and im an audhd furry girlguything! i have a lot of hobbies and interests (maybe a bit too many O_o) and i fucking LOVE coding and the internet as you can probably tell, i also say X3 way too much so sorry for that in advance X3

music i like
this is a lot, you can just check out my or my music page if you want lol

also fyi i dont know why i should have to say this but liking someones music doesnt mean i support their actions 👍 this isnt about anyone in purrticular but statistically someone on this list is probably a huge peice of shit so yknow

lemon demon, my chemical romance, fall out boy, green day , i dont know how but they found me, friend, good charlotte, elyotto, operation sodasteal, alice gas, fraxiom, elliotly, napcast, spellcasting, raincloud halo, underscores, newgrounds death rugby,free refills, the scary jokes, jack stauber, dog park dissidents, motionless in white, odds fish, femtanyl, 100 gecs, pierce the veil, disaster artist, evanescence, sleeping with sirens, vylet pony, milk in the microwave, ida deerz, distraction4ever, ashbury heights, the oozes, riley!, fucking werewolf asso, actors, bayside, cowboy cowboy, destroy boys, destructo disc, get scared, jerranis, noahfinnce, skull cult, tigercub, uranium club, zulu, death spells, schoolyard heroes, depeche mode,glass beach,operation ivy,leathermouth,,fangbanger,nine inch nails, weezer, radiohead, chemlab, red vox, snake river conspiracy, machine girl, the used, car seat headrest, type o negative, mephisto walz, boy harsher, lebanon hanover, hole, buggy, traitrs, thursday, fear cult, death insurance, velvet acid christ, heterophobia, m.u.t.t., poorly wrote suicide note, black dresses, and more probably

i also have a spotify playlist with basically all the music i listen to on it if you wanna listen to it lolz


coding, digital and traditional art, music, character design, customizing everything i own, kandi making, collecting random shit, sculpting

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I am
alien, androgyne, asexual, autistic, canine, dog, dude, dyke, dykefag, faggot, freak, full of love, furry, gender anarchist, gender deviant, gender fluid, genderfuck, genderqueer, glittery, otherkin, out-ish, pan-romantic, polyamorous, queer, sparkly, tranny, trannydyke, trannyfag, transexual, transman, transsexual, transspecies, transwoman, weird, wolf
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fandom/ media interests

homestuck, furbies, monster high, invader zim, the art of pleasing princes (musical), adamandi (musical), mlp (all gens except gen 5 because idk much about it), chuck e cheese/rock a fire explosion/similar stuff , dhmis, fallout new vegas, fallout 3, wings of fire, warrior cats, garfield, raggs (obscure ass kids show), the path (game), electric dreams (1984)

misc interests

old tech, old internet stuff, sparkledogs, scene/emo (and also fashion subcultures in general) , raves, bugs (and buglike creatures), rot/decay/ fungi, plushies, clowns


(re)reading: homestuck
watching: homestar runner