(not updated every time i make an edit because i forget a lot ^^")

5-16-2024:finally added all the buttons for people that follow me

5-6-2024:removed the guestbook, rip 123guestbook you were great 😔 (i might add a new guestbook in the future if i find a good one)

2-28-2024:added a dress up game (its very simple for now i made it in like 2 days lol)

2-18-2024:changed the image of the day to specifically be for images of wolves because i have a lot of images of wolves 👍

2-15-2024:fully reworked the main page, it looks sorta the same but i did fully re code it by hand since i actually sorta know how to code now X3

1-26-2024:added a kandi page

1-16-2024:changed the song of the week (a day late because i was busy yesterday X3)

1-8-2024:changed the furby shrine layout and the song of the week

1-1-2024:changed the song of the week even though its only 1 am because im impatient and its technically modnay, and added some new backgrounds

28-12-2023:added an image of my sona you can drag around the screen

25-12-2023:changed the song of the week

24-12-2023: changed the rainbow gradient colours a bit and also animated it and added some christmas lights

20-12-2023:added some unnecessary gifs :)

17-12-2023: finally started the sparkledog shrine (its unfinished but you can go look at it if you want lolz) and added a bunch of random changes to the website as usual

13-12-2023: changed the main page(this one) to be weirder + added a logo thing (i drew it in like 5 minutes ill probably change it )

12-12-2023: added the song of the week and a really big snail, added a music section to my info page and linked my (i just made that account so its not very up to date X33) and made my art page

6-12-2023: added a few blinkies, random buttons, and a fake ad to this page

3-12-2023: realized i wrote the last date in the changelog wrong and fixed it, added my button, and went fuckin hogwild with those rainbow dividers, linked a ton of cool sites, added a to do list

1-12-2023: edited the pond again.... fish....

30-11-2023: added nyan cat, edited the pond

29-11-2023: added a changelog and music :3

wolf image of the day

EVIL-PENIS-stamp fallout-stamp lil-bug-guy-stamp green-day-stamp the-internet-stamp sparkledog-pride-stamp furbies-heart-stamp lesbian-rainbow-dash-stamp i-support-giving-glomps-stamp caramelldansen-stamp mlp-stamp isopod-heart-stamp 20%-cooler-B)-stamp gir-x-P-stamp

click the radio for music :)


  1. nightcore - pretty little psycho (lyrics) by nightcore sensei

  2. nightcore - when you leave (numa numa) by maikel6311's nightcore

  3. nightcore - caramelldansen by sukii midori

  4. the cab - angel with a shotgun (nightcore remix) by CUTLoveRx

  5. cascada - bad boy (nightcore remix) by alicebloodrabbit

  6. nightcore - every time we touch by alicebloodrabbit

  7. starset - my demons (nightcore remix) by nightcorereality

  8. im so lucky lucky - nightcore by magical night

hi :D welcome to my awesome cool website ! its under constant construction so check back here pretty often if you wanna see updates (the updates are kinda slow sometimes because i dont know much about coding so im just hitting my keyboard until something happens ) anyways you can call me .png or worm and im the weird sparkledog behind this website, theres more info about me on my info page of course, but anyways enjoy your stay here X3

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